The language of plants and flowers

Carnation, hyacinth and cornflower
A white carnation/Pink Perfect love
Carnations have had a bad press, but I love them massed together with sprigs of lavender for a modern twist on a country garden look.
Cornflower Sensitivity, delicacy, bliss
Use a jam jar filled with mint, Alchemilla mollis and the modest yet beautiful cornflower.
Blue hyacinth Dedication/loyalty
For a very classical arrangement use a silver bowl filled with blue hyacinth, lime green balls of Viburnum opulus and eucalyptus.
Oak, myrtle and holly
Oak leaf Encouragement ‘Don’t lose hope! Love will triumph’
Look fantastic scattered over tables for a truly autumnal look.
Myrtle Love
Use a sprig in your bouquet.
Holly Providence
A wreath of holly and ivy and a touch of blue pine is a perfect welcome to a winter party.
Ivy Friendship, loyalty and marriage
Beautiful in winter and great for garlands.
Birch Modesty
In the summer, create a magical forest with large 10-15ft birch branches decorated with fairy lights.
Crab apple In Cornwall it was said that if a girl slept with a crab apple under her pillow it would ensure a good husband!
Put two or three stems of crab apple in a tall thick based vase – nothing more!